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Case Histories

Service Clients

Health Care Clients

Technology,Mfg. & Retail Clients


CLIENT: General Electric Superabrasives, Worthington, Ohio
SITUATION: This manufacturer was designing a TQM/ISO9000 program and needed formalized customer feedback.
ACTIVITY: Designed TQM feedback instrument and fielded the instrument via phone survey to clients is US, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.
OUTCOME: Got quality results and GE was able to take the entire program in-house for successive years.

CLIENT: Battelle Labs, Frankfurt and Columbus
SITUATION: The research company needed to know the level of market need for remote optical sensing equipment.
ACTIVITY: Designed survey instrument and fielded it nationally via phone survey.
OUTCOME: Client received quality results at less cost than doing it in-house.

CLIENT: Micro Center, USA
SITUATION: This Columbus-based computer retailer decided to open stores around the country and needed to get powerful detailed market research information about various future market sites.
ACTIVITY: Designed a comprehensive survey instrument and provided competitor, demand, and demographic data in several major US markets.
OUTCOME: Information was used for store sites, opening, and advertising with great success.

CLIENT: Syscom Technology Inc., Columbus
SITUATION: This was a start-up company which manufactures AmberStrand, the metal clad high performance fiber. Syscom was getting ready for a marketing and long-range strategy plan.
ACTIVITY: Served on Advisory Board a developed long-range plan with a comprehensive marketing program. Hired as itinerant COO to manage marketing program and assure that marketing totally integrates with operations. Implemented marketing, communications and sales program.
OUTCOME: Within a year developed an international market presence for the product. The manufacturing and marketing portion of the original company was spun off as a separate company (SAMI). My successes have not been matched since I left.

CLIENT: Integrated Skilled Care of Ohio
SITUATION: This network was not growing in membership or contracts
ACTIVITY: Hired as itinerant CEO, we were able to develop good computer systems, redo communications materials, standardize practices, establish membership communications systems, and implement an aggressive marketing program..
OUTCOME: Within a year, doubled the size of the network, increased managed care contracts by one third, expanded into two other states, added home health as a membership category--all at less than one half of the cost in the previous budget.

CLIENT: Dr. Mitchell's Immediate Medical Care, Cleveland, Ohio
SITUATION: With advertising, awareness of these four urgent care centers has steadily increased, however without a corresponding increase in customers. Needed paradigm break-through.
ACTIVITY: Repositioned the competitors (hospital emergency rooms) with the campaign "When you don't need an ambulance"; reeducating consumers about when to use and not use a hospital emergency room. Also ran testimonial TV, direct mail, radio campaigns to increase the public's confidence about the centers.
OUTCOME: Patient volume increased 20% within 15 months of hiring Trux Marketing/Management Solutions.

CLIENT: Columbus Health Department, Dental Division
SITUATION: Needed a video tape to help sell inner city school children on dental sealants.
ACTIVITY: Developed an effective ten minute video aimed at children
OUTCOME: Children who saw the tape had a higher sign up rate and were better behaved in the chair than those who did not. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control adopted the tape for national distribution, and Johnson & Johnson Co. distributed the tape to every dental school in the world!

CLIENT: Custom Design Manufacturing, Co., Cambridge, Ohio
SITUATION: Company was bringing new product to market, and hadn't had much luck with other product advertising efforts.
ACTIVITY: Developed a strategic plan which identified the fact that the company was off track from its original mission. Refocused the company; developed new advertising for older products; named the new product, a marquee (Broadway Marquee); and supported the marquee roll out.
OUTCOME: Sales on schedule and company sold to an investor for a profit.

CLIENT: Sturgis Hospital, Sturgis, Michigan
SITUATION: This small 98 bed hospital had its survival threatened by aggressive hospitals in Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Kalamazoo.
ACTIVITY: Did research and wrote a strategic marketing plan which recommended new products, new services, new uses for beds, new doctors to hire with communities specified, and developed an overall positioning strategy.
OUTCOME: Hospital holding market share, has seen an increase in ancillary services, and is financially very solid.

CLIENT: Columbus Community Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
SITUATION: This 156 bed hospital was Columbus' smallest hospital and had trouble getting into managed care plans due to systemic lockouts.
ACTIVITY: Revised the hospital's communication/sales package for managed care with empirical outcomes data and also developed a regional network of unaligned hospitals who work together to survive.
OUTCOME: In 15 months, added around 20 new managed care contracts. The network (Community Hospitals Network) had undertaken seven joint projects and was planning on their own insurance product. Since then most of the members merged with other health systems. 

CLIENT: Port Huron Hospital, Port Huron, Michigan
SITUATION: The hospital's marketing program was not functioning. Staff was overworked, morale was low, and department heads were complaining about lack of support.
ACTIVITY: After studying the situation, restructured the department along ad agency lines, assigning "account reps" to each of the hospital departments. Also developed a system for integrating outside vendors (ad agency, media production houses) and helped them hire a new ad agency.
OUTCOME: In house problems disappeared almost literally overnight. The hospital used its marketing resources better.

CLIENT: Arbor Health Care, Lima, Ohio
SITUATION: This nursing home chain was trying to decide whether to add respiratory and infusion therapies to its product line mix.
ACTIVITY: Performed primary and secondary research, and most indicators showed a need.
OUTCOME: Program was started and is financially sound.


A.D.P., Columbus, Ohio. Automated Payroll Systems. Management training
ADVOCACY & PROTECTIVE SERVICES, Columbus. Management/personnel consultation
AMERICHEER, AMERIDANCE & VICTORY WEAR Companies. serve on Advisory Board.
ANDERSON, BOYK, McCULLEY, Toledo. Law firm. Advertising
ASSOCIATES & ALEXANDER, Columbus. Value-added systems programming and consulting. Marketing consultation
ASSOC. DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED, Columbus. Advocacy and service agency. Staff PULSE™, Management contract
ACTION FOR CHILDREN, Columbus Ohio. Not-for-profit; Volunteer marketing director for Great Ohio Duck Race fund raiser
BANK ONE TRUST COMPANY, Columbus. Marketing plan and implementation assistance
BATTELLE LABS, Columbus. Management training; Remote optical sensing market research.
BIEM & GRUNDSTEIN INSURANCE, Columbus Insurance agency. Marketing consultation
BLACKWOOD ASSOCIATES, INC., Fairmont WV achitects. Marketing consultation.
BLUE CROSS, Columbus. Health Insurance provider. Management training
CAMBRIDGE MANAGEMENT CORP., Tallahassee, Florida. Corporate identification package and marketing for new chain
CANTEEN CORP. T.W. Recreational Services. Travel brochures.
CHARTER'S Total Wardrobe Care, Columbus. Training & advertising, brought national company to market
CITY OF COLUMBUS, Columbus. Government agency. Management training
CLEMANS, NELSON & ASSOCIATES, Columbus Management consultants. Full marketing support
COLUMBUS CENTER FOR HUMAN SERVICES, Columbus. Management consulting
COLUMBUS METROPOLITAN HOUSING, Columbus. Nonprofit agency. Management training & consultation
COMPUTER GROUP/ProBill, Hilliard, Ohio. Computer service bureau. Full marketing program
D'ALBERTO INVESTMENTS, Westerville. Direct marketing.
DELAWARE COUNTY BANK, Delaware. Public opinion research for market planning.
FINANCIAL PLANNING PERSPECTIVES, LLC, Columbus (Sandra Heusinkveld) Marketing consultation (link)
FIRST INVESTMENT COMPANY, Columbus. Mortgage Company/Savings & Loan. Management consultation
FRANCE & ASSOCIATES, Worthington Insurance Agency. Direct mail brochures
FRANKLIN COUNTY ENGINEERS, Columbus Management training
GREENE & WALLACE, Columbus 40 Certified Public Accountants. Strategic market plan and marketing support
HOME SITTING SERVICES, Bexley Ohio. In-home companion care, day care, home & pet sitting. Consultation & advertising
KAPPASTONE TECHNOLOGY, LTD., Columbs. Software solutions and electronic hardware developer. Advisory Board member
KELTON HOUSE by JUNIOR LEAGUE, Columbus. Historical building for meetings/parties. Advertising program
LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES, Columbus. Executive Director of Social Services
McELROY MINISTER COMPANY, Columbus. Insurance Agency. Management consultation and Staff PULSE™ Survey
MIDLAND INSURANCE, Columbus. Insurance provider. Staff PULSE & training
MINDWORKS, Dublin. Consultant with new approach to learning. Positioning & marketing consultation
MOTORISTS INSURANCE, Columbus. Insurance provider. Management training
MURRAY INVESTMENT CORPORATION, Zanesville, Ohio. Market research and consultation
NITSCHKE, SAMPSON, DIETZ, Columbus architects. Marketing/sales training and support
NATIONWIDE DEVELOPMENT CO., Columbus. Real Estate management firm. Management consultation and training
OHIO ANIMAL HEALTH FOUNDATION, Columbus. Fund raising research, planning and support
OHIO DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION, Columbus. Government agency. Management training
OHIO DEPARTMENT of HUMAN SERVICES. Develop performance indicator reporting systems for entire State government
OHIO STATE OPTICAL, Columbus. Regional optical chain. Marketing program
OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Columbus. Teach marketing related courses
PEABODY LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION, Columbus. Public relations and advertising
RENOUVEAU DESIGN, Columbus. Architects. Marketing consulting
SALVATION ARMY, Columbus. Marketing Consultation
SERVICE AMERICA CORP., Connecticut. Marketing of Mohican State Lodge, Ohio
SMITH TEN EYCK ASSOCIATES, Columbus. Personnel recruiting specialists. Marketing materials
SPONSELLER ENGINEERING, Maumee, Ohio. Engineering firm. Consultation
STANDING STONE NATIONAL BANK, Lancaster, Ohio. Brought bank to market
STONE LEASING CO., Columbus Auto, truck, equipment, investment leasing. Marketing program
SUPPLIER SIX SIGMA, LLC, Westerville, OH  Process improvement consulting, member of 6 Sigma Black Belt team
THE OHIO COMPANY, Columbus. Investment Brokerage. Management training
TARGOT TELEMARKETING, Columbus. Telemarketing and survey firm. New product assessment, research consultation
TORCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL, Columbus. Regional advertising
TRAUTWEIN ASSOCIATES, Worthington, Ohio. Architects. Public relations and communications
TRIFELOS ATTORNEY AT LAW, Newark, Ohio. Marketing assistance
U.S. DEPT. H.U.D., Columbus. Government agency. Management training
VALHALLA PRODUCTIONS/Murder Made Merry, Columbus. Develops and sells murder mystery party scripts. Full marketing support.



AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF WORLD HEALTH, Washington, D.C. Marketing & fund raising materials
ANIMAL HOSPITAL of WORTHINGTON (George Norris, D.V.M.). Consulted on marketing strategy and brochure revision
ARBOR HEALTH CARE, Lima, Ohio. Nursing home chain. New product feasibility research
BLOOMBERG EYE CENTER, Newark, Ohio. Regional Ophthalmology group practice--3 doctors. Advertising and Marketing
BLUFFTON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, Bluffton, OH--42 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan
CARE ONE HEALTH SYSTEMS/BETHESDA HOSPITAL, Zanesville, OH--328 beds. Wrote marketing plan. Supervised implementation
CAVE RUN CLINIC, Morehead, KY--15 doctor specialty clinic in two locations. Marketing materials, Personnel manual
CENTER FOR SIGHT, Newark, Ohio. Two doctor ophthalmology practice. Collateral materials
CENTRAL OHIO MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Delaware, Ohio. Mental Health Center. Management consultation
CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, Columbus, OH--313 beds. Supervised writing of marketing plan and advertising program.
CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER, Dayton, Ohio--142 beds. Supervised writing of marketing plan
COLUMBUS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL--156 beds. Direct business development, managed care, physician recruiting; hospital network development and management
COLUMBUS HEALTH DEPARTMENT, Columbus, Ohio. Community Dental Program. Marketing plan and communications
COLUMBUS STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE--Formula \/Human Milk Technician Certificate Program, Columbus/  Strategic Consultation (link)
COMED MANAGEMENT, (now subsidiary of New York Life), Dublin, Ohio. Nationwide scope IPA/PPO marketing consultation
COMMUNITY HOSPITALS NETWORK. Started and manage this hospital shared services, cooperative and purchasing network
DELAWARE HEALTH DEPARTMENT, Delaware, Ohio. Government Agency. Management training
DELAWARE ORTHOPEDIC & SPORTS MEDICINE (John McGrail, M.D.), Delaware. Advertising & Media.
DELAY THE DISEASE, David Zid, Parkinson's Disease amelioration, Columbus. Management and marketing consultation.
DIABETIC SOLUTIONS, Springfield Ohio. Design data base management system
DR. MITCHELL'S IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE, Cleveland, Ohio. Chain of urgent care centers. Full marketing support
EDWIN SHAW HOSPITAL, Akron, Ohio--160 rehab beds. Marketing consultation
ELYRIA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Elyria, OH--359 beds. Implemented advertising program and developed campaigns
FLOWER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Toledo, OH--520 beds. Conducted marketing research. Wrote marketing plan
GREENFIELD AREA MEDICAL CENTER (HCA, now Quorum), Greenfield, Ohio. National marketing of wellness package
GUERNSEY COUNTY HOME HEALTH, Cambridge, Ohio. Home Health provider. Strategic marketing plan, Staff Pulse™
HARDIN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Kenton, OH--108 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan
HARRISON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, Cadiz, OH--50 beds. Wrote Certificate of Need
HEART LUNG CENTER & PRISM Cardiology/rehab/wellness center & BIO-LAB, Newark, Ohio. Marketing and practice management
HOLZER CLINIC, Gallipolis, OH--40 physicians. Plan and implement marketing program
HOSPITAL CORP. AMERICA (HCA/Quorum) for DEFIANCE HOSPITAL, OH--143 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan and CON
HUTTA ORTHODONTICS, Worthington, Ohio. Practice Brochure
HEALTH DESIGN PLUS, Cleveland, Ohio. IPA/PPO Benefits Management. Marketing consultation
INTEGRATED SKILLED CARE OF OHIO, Columbus. Manage this statewide managed care network
LORAIN COUNTY HEARING & SPEECH CENTER, Lorain, Ohio. Strategy consultation
MADISON COUNTY HOSPITAL, London Ohio. Public opinion survey, physician recruitment plan, developed and staffed their PHO, MADISON HEALTHNET INC.
MARMER MEDICAL EYE CENTER, Atlanta, Georgia. Ophthalmologist. Marketing brochures
MERCY HOSPITAL, Portsmouth, OH--211 beds. Patient Handbook, logo work, marketing consultation
MERCY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Urbana, OH--68 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan
MIDDLETOWN REGIONAL HOSPITAL, Middletown, OH--406 beds. Wrote positioning plan, renamed hospital
MOLLY STARK HOSPITAL, Louisville, OH--137 MR/SNF/Alcohol/TB beds. Image enhancement plan
NATONAL ACCREDITATION COUNCIL, Cleveland, OH. Communications, fund-raising consultation.
OHIO COUNCIL FOR HOME CARE, Statewide Association. Marketing support
OHIO DEPARTMENT of HEALTH, DENTAL DIVISION, Columbus. Management training and Statewide sealant marketing plan
OHIO VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Columbus. Public relations, marketing and training support
OMNILIFE HEALTHCARE SYSEMS, INC., Columbus. New facility consulting
ORR OPHTHALMOLOGY, Indianapolis & Greenfield, IN. Develop and implement market plan
PARK MEDICAL CENTER, Columbus--404 beds. A Quorum hospital. Managed marketing program
PTS-PHYSICIANS; PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS, LLC, New Albany--Physician practice services. Marketing consulting
PORT HURON HOSPITAL, Port Huron, MI--252 beds. Marketing structure consulting & evaluation
RH POSITIVE, Columbus Oh--LTC/ALF software. Direct the marketing and sales program. Company then merged with PointClick Care.
SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, Salem, OH--233 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan
SHEPHERD HILL HOSPITAL, Newark, Ohio--72 bed outpatient substance abuse treatment. Marketing plan and consultation
SOUTHEAST M.H.C., Columbus. Mental Health Center. Staff PULSE™
ST. CLAIRE MEDICAL CENTER, Morehead, KY--133 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan. Implemented marketing program
STURGIS HOSPITAL, Sturgis, MI--94 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan. Implemented marketing program
SCIOTO VALLEY HEALTH SYSTEMS AGENCY, Columbus. Future directions marketing consultation
VITALNET OF OHIO, Columbus. Embryonic organization developed to provide insurance-type products to hospitals and employers
WATERVLIET COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, (managed by Quorum Health Resources), MI--70 beds. Research, plan & implementation
WYANDOT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Upper Sandusky, OH--51 beds. Wrote strategic marketing plan and Certificate of Need
YOUR QUEST PERSONAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS, Worthington OH. Advisory Board member of this company which sells on-line wellness services


ACCESSORIES AND ACCENTS, Heath, Ohio. Retail store. Marketing & advertising program
ACCUFIBER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, Columbus, Ohio  CEO of a composite fiber spinning startup
ADVANCED INFORMATION, Columbus, Ohio. Computer systems service, design, wholesale. Full marketing support
ARGO & LEHNE JEWELERS, Columbus. Market research & consulting
BUCKEYE DATSUN, Columbus. Car & Truck Dealer. Management Consultation
BUTLER SCHEIN, Columbus. National distributor of veterinary supplies. Advertising.
CARDINAL INDUSTRIES, Columbus. Manufactured Housing. Management Consultation, training, Staff PULSE™
CONDUCTIVE FIBERS MANUFACTURERS COUNCIL, a trade association. Conceived and started this group.
COLUMBUS DISPATCH, newpaper and media company.  Advisory Board member.
CUSTOM DESIGN MANUFACTURING, Cambridge, Ohio. Manufacturer of display products. Full marketing support
D'ANGELO TECHNOLOGIES, Beavercreek, OH, conductive fiber technical advisor
DIRECTED VAPOR TECHNOLOGIES, Charlottesville, VA  Conductive fibers/film manufacturer
FINAL COPY, Heath, Ohio. Business services in retail environment. Name, logo, marketing materials
GENERAL ELECTRIC SUPERABRASIVES, Worthington, Ohio. Worldwide customer satisfaction survey.
JETFUEL TECHNOLOGY, New Albany, OH, conductive fiber technical advisor
JOHNSON & JOHNSON/DENTAL CARE DIVISION, New Brunswick, NJ. Video movie about dental sealants
JOVION CORPORATION, San Francuisco, Special Advisor--Business Development & Marketing for Jovion Energy Research
KAL KAN FOODS, Columbus. Dog & cat food manufacturer. Management training & Consultation
MERRILL PUBLISHING, Columbus. Book Publisher. Management training
MICRO BARCODE SYSTEMS, Columbus. Auto industry barcode supplier. Advertising
MICRO CENTER, nationwide. Computer retailer. Market research for new store sites.
MICRO-COAX, Inc., Pottstown PA.  Research and market development, worldwide, for ARACON brand conductive fiber.
P.C. DIRECT, Pataskala, Ohio. Computer systems marketing planning and naming
RAX RESTAURANTS, Columbus. Fast food restaurant chain. Staff PULSE™
RH POSITIVE Software, Columbus. Managed sales for this long-term care software company which was purchased by Point Click Care
ROSS LABS-now ABBOTT LABS, Columbus. Conference marketing support (Programs, Public Relations, etc.)
SOCIAL BUTTERFLY, Heath, Ohio. Personalized gifts and services. Logo and advertising
SPACESAVORS, Cambridge, Ohio. Manufacturer of retail storage systems. Marketing & advertising support
STANDARD TEXTILE, Cincinnati, Ohio. Health care textile supplier. Served as assistant account executive--national B2B account.
SYSCOM ADVANCED MATERIALS, Inc. Full start-up, operations management and international B2B markets development.
THE WINE MERCHANT AND DELI, Columbus. Retail foods. Menu design
TROY FARMS Office Park, Delaware, Ohio. Designed and supervised signage
VIDEO DUPLICATION SERVICES, Columbus. Worked with this video duplicator to introduce a new product line.
VISTA PACKAGING & LOGISTICS, Columbus.  Member of Advisory Board
WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES, Columbus. Steel manufacturer. Management training

(These are not exhaustive lists.)

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